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GAAD Pledge

GAAD Pledge

Embracing Accessibility as the Cornerstone of Open Source

The recent findings from the WebAIM Million Project starkly highlight the pivotal role that development frameworks and tools play in shaping the accessibility landscape of digital products. A significant portion of these essential frameworks is rooted in the Open Source community. This represents not only a challenge, but a profound opportunity for transformative change.

The GAAD Pledge aims to be a visionary initiative, collaborating annually with one Open Source project. This project would not only champion the cause but also set a new standard for integrating accessibility at the very heart of open source development.

Once a project is chosen, the GAAD Foundation works with the project’s maintainers to craft a pledge that makes sense for their community.

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René Jaun from talking about accessibility at the Liip Zurich office with Liip Fribourg participating via videoconferencing setup
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The GAAD Pledge is a call to action for open-source leaders to embed accessibility at the core of their projects, paving the way for an inclusive digital world where every code contribution opens doors for all.

GAAD Pledge Takers


Joomla, the renowned open-source content management system, has taken the GAAD Pledge in celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2024. By embracing accessibility as a core value, Joomla reaffirms its commitment to creating an inclusive digital world where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can interact with and access Joomla-based websites.
Joomla Celebrates Global Accesibility Awareness Day by Taking the GAAD Pledge! #GAADPledge #GAAD24
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This year, Intel and the Open Federated Learning (OpenFL) project are taking the GAAD Pledge to make accessibility a core project value and enable developers of all abilities to effectively contribute to OpenFL’s deep learning framework. Part of OpenFL’s pledge includes adopting the newly launched Intel One Monospace font.
Screenshot of Intel blog post about taking the GAAD Pledge with an image of their newly designed monospace font
Identifying the typographically underserved low-vision developer audience, we designed the Intel One Mono typeface for maximum legibility to address developers' fatigue and eyestrain and reduce coding errors.
Matt Turrini
Senior Brand Creative Manager, Intel
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The third GAAD Pledge was taken by the Drupal project. To celebrate the 11th anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Drupal has taken the Pledge to reaffirm their commitment to accessibility.
Screenshot of Drupal webpage with title 'Contributed Modules for Extending Accessibility in Drupal'
The Drupal community is again celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) but this time we are excited to also announce that the Drupal CMS has taken the GAAD pledge to formalize accessibility as a core value of our framework.
Mike Gifford
Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer
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The second GAAD Pledge was taken by the EmberJS project. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Ember has taken the Pledge to make Ember JS accessible.
Screenshot of Ember A11y Working Group github page, showing repositories for accessibility projects including 'ember-a11y-testing' and 'ember-a11y-refocus'
As we join Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) in celebrating its tenth anniversary, we are delighted to announce that the Ember JavaScript Framework has taken the GAAD pledge to make accessibility a core value of our framework.
Melanie Sumner
Ember.js Core Team Member
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Our very first GAAD Pledge was taken by Facebook (now known as Meta). In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2020, Meta took the commitment to making the React Native framework fully accessible. Meta built React Native and made it open source so it could be used and further developed by anyone.
Screenshot of React Native github page for the 'Improved React Native Accessibility' project board, showing tasks in PRs in Progress, PRs in Review, and Done columns
We hope this pledge makes it easier for developers using React Native to create fully accessible mobile apps and inspires other organizations to make similar commitments to a more accessible future.
Mike Shebanek
Head of Accessibility at Facebook
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