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What We Do


Honoring advances in digital accessibility

Join us for an inspiring night as we celebrate outstanding digital products that support the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Foundation’s mission to disrupt barriers to digital access.
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Our mission
1 billion people worldwide have disabilities
The GAADYs Awards recognizes and celebrates contributions from individuals and groups that advance the GAAD Foundation’s vision of disrupting the culture of technology and digital product development to include accessibility as a core requirement.

When is it?

The GAADYs will take place Fall 2023.
Stay tuned for updates!

Where is it?

This is a hybrid event with attendees joining us in person at LinkedIn in San Francisco, California and virtually on Zoom.

Who can I nominate?

Any project team or company who has created an outstanding digital product that meets accessibility requirements.

Gaadys Nomination Guidelines

Know a project or team that deserves to be recognized? Submit your nomination or ask us a question by emailing the GAADYS at the GAAD Foundation at

  1. To be considered, the digital product or technology must have been developed no earlier than 2021, and must be in production/available for use today.
  2. The applicant must:
    1. attest that the digital product or technology must, to the best of their knowledge, at least conform to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines V2.1 Level AA; and
    2. provide details on how they performed accessibility testing (e.g., how often, what tools and methods used). Note the product or technology may be subject to an accessibility spot-check.
  3. Accessibility must be baked into the product development process, and this must be demonstrated through your application responses and supporting documentation.
  4. We will not accept nominations that utilize accessibility overlays.

Ready to nominate?

Nominate a project team or company who you think has created an outstanding digital product that meets accessibility standards and exceeds expectations.

Before you submit:

Make sure to answer the following questions in your submission:
  • Did your team set out to make their tool accessible from the beginning?
  • How did the use case for disability accommodation come about?
  • Do you have artifacts/examples of your accessibility standards or goals up front?
  • To what extent did you proactively source feedback from disabled people on the product & allow it to influence your roadmap?
  • What does the feedback process look like? How is community feedback embedded into your iterative product development process?
  • How many end users has your product reached, and is it financially accessible to those who need it?
  • Is accessibility limited to certain subgroups of overall customer base? Does it also apply to admin or backend tools?

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